Acquiring Passport Photos to for travel in Spain

Spain is considered to be one of the largest countries in Europe, occupying at least 85% of the Iberian Peninsula territory while also boasting of a rich indigenous culture and art of its people. Visitors arriving in Spain are welcomed with more than 8000 kilometers of beautiful, unique and well maintained beaches which are a great sight to view for any travel enthusiast. Of importance to note is that, anyone visiting Spain needs to carry along copies of well taken passport photos. They come in handy at all immigration offices and may also be needed as one travels to other tourist destinations within the expansive cities of Spain.


While travelling to or within Spain’s cities, one should always carry the necessary travel documents as required by the state. All the travel documents are to be well attached with appropriate up to date passport photos. The immigration department in Spain insists that all passport photos meet the following basic requirements:

• The photos should have been taken not more than six months ago of the travel period. This ensures that the image on the photo is of great resemblance to the person.

• The photos must be in full color while, portraying one’s natural skin tone with limited or no photo editing to the entire picture.

• The photos should leave a margin of at least 4-5mm between the hair line and the side of the photo.

• Only prescriptive glasses or spectacles are allowed on the photo. Dark lenses are unacceptable, for they hide one’s eyes.

• The head must occupy at least 70% of the photo area.

• It’s mandatory that the photo background should be white or off white. This maintains the photos clarity and visibility with less or little distortion.

• Face orientation must be front based with no head covering, unless it’s religious turban.

• The height and width of the photos must be 40.0 x 30.0 mm while the head size must be 20.0 to 22.0 mm

While it’s fair and important to have the hardcopy of the passport photos, the immigration department also keeps soft copies of passports that help them rule out any cases of persons using forged or edited photos while accessing government facilitiesSpain has much more to offer than just the beautiful beaches. With the worlds celebrated ancient bull fighting sport in Madrid, visitors also have an opportunity to be treated to the best soccer moments in Spain with such household names as FC Barcelona and Real Madrid teams fulfilling sports passion to visitors.

Top 5 Reasons To Hire An Expert Electrician


If you are looking for safety in home improvements, consider having expert electrical work among other essentials. Hiring a qualified electrician in Ballarat will be a bit costly compared to doing the work yourself but the extra cash you are going to spend shouldn’t be a reason for you to ignore the worthy course.

The following are top five reasons as to why you should hire an expert electrician

Pay for basic skills

The moment you hire a professional, be sure to gain some basic electric knowledge from him/her. Every qualified electrician has studied NEC – National Electrical Code, which is a set of standards published by the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA. The training and apprenticeship the electricians possess is enough reason for you to develop some basic electrical skills.


Pay for accurate home wiring assessment

The type of expert electrician Ballarat offers has the ability to show how even a simple job can affect your wiring. He/she also has the knowledge to show you what is needed for the safety of your system. For example if your outlets are not properly grounded, or the amperage of the electrical service is erroneous, a professional electrician is the best approach.


Be sure of quality work

After choosing your electrician, check his/ her credentials ensuring that he/she is the right person to provide your home with quality service. To become a licensed electrician, one must pass rigorous tests to sharpen his/her skills so as to provide the market with quality work.


Verify that the job was done correctly

Once an electrician is done with the job, you’ll have the opportunity to receive a permit from the city which assures you that the job done meets the code. This is a step that unqualified handymen often skip. It will cost you extra to get an expert but this will be worth it when your home or business is subject to inspections.


Protect yourself and your home

While a handyman’s repair can last for a while, the long-term result might turn out to be fatal incase of fire. If this is due to wiring, your insurance can decide not to pay for the damages when they find out that the repair was done by a quack. A licensed electrician usually has an insurance to protect your home/ business from issues related to poor workmanship.


Regardless of how small an electrical repair seems to you, never go wrong by hiring an armature. An expert electrician available in Ballarat will do the work perfectly and best of all, safely.